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947ArticleVaporman87I think I am in agreement with you on ALMOST all of these properties have some kind of plastic treatment. With the exception of Troop Beverly Hills. The only collectible version of Shelley Long I would even LOOK at on a shelf would be something from Cheers probably. :) I'm surprised that Archie hasn't yet had some kind of figure available in stores. I'm now seeing properties like Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear in Toys 'R Us. So I don't think Archie is a big stretch. His gang's been around long enough for one. Lastly, I would be very interested to see more board game to action figure collectible action happening. I would pick the Monopoly guy, some Candy Land figs maybe. Thanks Miss M!Dream ToysJan 21, 2014View
18Articleshakin steakTest XYZ! Dec 06, 2012View
19ArticleVaporman87Oh yeah... test I II III! Dec 06, 2012View
32ArticleVaporman87This is definitely something my younger brother would have fell in love with (especially since there was a dating aspect to the character development). I routinely ridiculed him for preferring to spend so much time on games with so little to offer graphically. It didn't dissuade him though, since he still does. :) Nice review Benjanime! Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
33ArticleBenjanime@vaporman87 haha, my parents tried to sulk me away from video games once i got into the playstation generation. when i first played final fantasy VII my parents thought that my social life would be over!Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
34ArticleVaporman87Were they right?Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
35ArticleBenjanimein a sense, yes. i took envy in getting almost everything in the game, but after getting around to say, late on the second disc, i decided to start putting my game time to a limit of one to two hours a day. it was mandatory anyway since my playstation began turning into a heater after about four hours of useThousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
39ArticleVaporman87Few games capture my undivided attention to the point of spending hours on them anymore. However, the Mass Effect trilogy was an exception.Thousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
43ArticleBenjanimeit's almost the same for me here. i truly miss the days when games were just about the adventure and not how much memory you needed for a console or any of these flimsy system updates. i have taken interest in the 3DS though, as it just might be the last game console that i ever get, unless the wii u begins to have a huge library of underrated titlesThousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
45ArticleVaporman87"This is my favorite autobot..." That's awesome. lol I feel like, while still the nerd, I must have grown up being the anti-shakin steak nerd. I had my paws into everything that had to do with cultural phenomenons of the day. I have the awful pictures to prove it.I totally missed out!Dec 12, 2012View