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213ArticleVaporman87You've refreshed my memory with that mention of Cyborg Justice! My brother and I had a fairly enjoyable time customizing our bots in that game. I wish there had been a wider variety of customizations, but for what it was it managed to entertain us for hours. That "footbrawl" game looks like something that was developed by the people behind Rampage and Arch Rivals. A great read, thanks for for this! Jan 26, 2013View
220ArticleVaporman87I never understood any success had by Captain Planet. Even as a child who did not understand the use of animation to promote environmental policy, it was still lame to me. A lot of arguments can be made for feeling that these other listed shows are overrated as well. But, since I did not really watch any of these religiously, I can't say for sure. Thanks for this pikachulover!Overrated shows from my childhoodJan 28, 2013View
235VideoVaporman87How long will it be before episodes like these are banned for featuring a black woman as a maid/servant?Tom and Jerry - The Mouse Comes to DinnerJan 30, 2013View
240VideoVaporman87I know some people in reality that must take their cues from Daffy. LOLYankee Doodle DaffyJan 31, 2013View
241VideoVaporman87My daughter likes the Powerpuff Girls (even though they are kinda past their prime). The Powerpuff Girls: Meat Fuzzy LumpkinsJan 31, 2013View
250VideoVaporman87I miss this and Oreo cereal.Waffle Crisp commercialFeb 03, 2013View
251VideoVaporman87I do like the Sonic 4 XBox release.Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 AdFeb 03, 2013View
253VideoVaporman87And I miss the flavor of the "Monster" cereals in the 80's. Nowadays it's like you're eating packing peanuts.Waffle Crisp commercialFeb 04, 2013View
256VideoVaporman87I had Raisin Bran Crunch this morning. It's just not the same as Waffle Crisp. LOLWaffle Crisp commercialFeb 04, 2013View
260VideoVaporman87This animation style seems to be a passing fad, with the squared off features and such. For a while, it seemed like EVERY new cartoon had this style of animation. From "Clerks" to "Samarai Jack" to "Fairly Odd Parents" and on and on.The Powerpuff Girls: Crime 101Feb 05, 2013View