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263VideoVaporman87Okay, I have to ask - what's up with the dog in a shirt and tie at the end? lol Feb 06, 2013View
265VideoVaporman87When's the next Festivus?Seinfeld On DVDFeb 06, 2013View
266VideoVaporman87I miss Drive-Ins. They were such a "retro" experience. We had one here nearby up until a few years ago. Sad to see them go.Two Stupid Dogs - At the Drive-InFeb 06, 2013View
271VideoVaporman87I don't even remember seeing it. What year(s) did this originally air?Skeleton Warriors Cartoon IntroFeb 07, 2013View
277VideoVaporman87I never understood why Heathcliff is supposed to be so tough. He's short and in no better shape than Garfield. Heathcliff - Heathcliff's DoubleFeb 08, 2013View
278VideoVaporman87It's a show ahead of it's time. Get it! Ahead of it's time... and it takes place in the future! Don't judge me.The Jetsons - Hi-Tech WreckFeb 08, 2013View
282ArticleVaporman87Bayou Billy, Cyborg Justice, Nintendo World Cup, Fantastic Dizzy, and Jerry Glanville's Footbrawl are all playable at Retro Uprising!!! Wow.. > Bayou Billy > Billy Nintendo World Cup > World Cup Cyborg Justice > Justice Jerry Glanville's Footbrawl > Fantastic Dizzy > DizzyObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Feb 08, 2013View
283ArticleVaporman87All of these except Caveman Ughlymics are available to play at Retro Uprising... Monster Party > Milon's Secret Castle > Phantom Fighter > Vice: Project Doom > Fester's Quest > Gaming Legacy Volume 1Feb 08, 2013View
285VideoVaporman87You have to love the shelf full of used diapers. LOL Ren and Stimpy: Big Baby Scam/Dog ShowFeb 08, 2013View
287VideoVaporman87I don't remember this game. Was it a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day? Was it ever officially released?Conker's Twelve Tales Gameplay ShowcaseFeb 08, 2013View