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289VideoVaporman87Ohhhh, wow. Everything seems so innocent compared to the final product. No poop monsters anywhere! Feb 08, 2013View
293VideoVaporman87I love these kinds of videos. Usually you get to view several different games and at times, in various states of progress. So you might get a glimpse of a level, character, etc. that you would not have otherwise known about.The Invasion of Nintendo - SNES PromoFeb 08, 2013View
298ArticleVaporman87I think besides smells, the site of this type of decor prompt the most feelings of nostalgia in me. My prior home was filled with this sort of "stuck in time" design. You were engulfed in paneling. The original carpets were shag, and simply nasty from the wear (they had to be replaced). Great read vkimo! Thanks for this.Retro RoomsFeb 10, 2013View
300ArticleVaporman87You should be able to resize the pics within the submission editor, though I think it depends a bit on the browser you're using.Retro RoomsFeb 11, 2013View
304ArticleVaporman87I had a few of the Iron Man line from Toy Biz in the mid 90's, though they were the 10" scale figures. I believe one was called "Steel Tech Iron Man" and the armor was a slightly different design than that which he wore at that time. I can't agree more with the idea that variants water down a line with poorly designed or executed products. It's discouraging at times. The 200X MOTU line suffered from this. Just google "Disco Skeletor" and you'll see what I mean. Ugh.The Curse of the VariantFeb 12, 2013View
309VideoVaporman87Legacy of Kain is by far their best series. Better than Lara Croft. I want to see a new Soul Reaver game.Crystal Dynamics 1995 Game Line-UpFeb 12, 2013View
318VideoVaporman87Be that as it may, here lies the result. I didn't think it was a "bad" movie. It just... wasn't my cup of tea.Titanic trailer 1997Feb 13, 2013View
319VideoVaporman87I always liked this intro EXCEPT that it ends too abruptly before the episode title appears.Danger Mouse IntroFeb 13, 2013View
324ArticleVaporman87Okay. I fixed a few typos for you. This was a great read. I was a huge fan of 3DO and Trip Hawkins for taking the risk they did on the 3DO system. But this deal seems a bit deceptive on his part. Thanks for this!Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 13, 2013View
327VideoVaporman87It's funny that you should post this now. Last night my wife, oldest son, and I watched Wreck-It Ralph and I cracked up at the part where he digs a "!" out of the box in Tapper's bar. Funny stuff.Early Metal Gear Solid TrailerFeb 14, 2013View