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427VideoVaporman87I'll probably get run out of town for this but, who's Plum? Feb 22, 2013View
429VideoVaporman87Oh okay. So she was not part of any Mario storyline then. I suppose the similarity between "Plum" and "Peach" made me think she was perhaps a long lost sister of something.Mario Golf OpeningFeb 22, 2013View
444ArticleVaporman87Such a fun read! I could fill up an article of my own with my various "mostly legal" hijinks. I was not a bad kid either, but we did some things now and then that were probably not nice. :) I think you should make it your mission to get on top of your old school house and see if you can find that ball. THAT would be something I would want video of. Kind of like when Geraldo opened Al Capone's safe. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! C'mon everyone... in unison! Thanks for this shakin!MINOR TROUBLEFeb 25, 2013View
448ArticleVaporman87If you ever do find it, I will personally pay for a beautiful display case for it... IF you get it on video! ;)MINOR TROUBLEFeb 25, 2013View
456VideoVaporman87Great video. Lots of juicy bits of things never before seen.Spaceworld 1996 N64 PromoFeb 27, 2013View
460VideoVaporman87It's not as though he wouldn't have done it that way if the network would have allowed it. That's why I stopped watching Family Guy and such. I got tired of the endless attempts to keep pushing the envelope of taste (or lack thereof). At some point, you need to be FUNNY. Not just crude and unrestrained.Larry and Steve - What a Cartoon ShowMar 01, 2013View
464ArticleVaporman87I like the inclusion of Out Of This World. That was such a great platformer. And the fact that there was no dialogue actually seemed to make it more interesting and not less. I wish this would get remade using today's technology.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
465ArticleVaporman87Also, great read Ben! Thanks for this.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 3Mar 03, 2013View
469ArticleVaporman87This was an enjoyable look back at some 80's innovation on McDonald's part. And hey, two out of three survived the critical public masses, so that's not bad. I know I occasionally enjoy a McRib when they are being sold at my local McDonalds, but I am less of a McNugget fan than I used to be thanks to the media storm surrounding the "pink" stuff that is used. Yuck. Still, McDonalds is so ingrained within our culture that I don't see it ever going away. No amount of negative exposure can do it in. Thanks for this great read OldShcool80s!McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 03, 2013View
472ArticleVaporman87My favorite McDonald's invention is the Egg Nog Shake. It's gotten the McCafe make over in recent years, but even prior to that, I considered it the official start of the Christmas season when I had my first Egg Nog Shake of the year.McDonald's 80's New Menu Items Mar 04, 2013View