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132VideoVaporman87It was highly unlikely you would find a hair band album that DIDN'T have that classic ballad track. Jan 12, 2013View
133VideoVaporman87This is one of those great tunes that you hear but get the band name confused with about 15 others. :)Steelheart - I'll Never Let You GoJan 12, 2013View
138VideoVaporman87Seriously... why are there people playing guitars and drums? At what point do YOU hear those instuments being played? LOLDino - I Like ItJan 14, 2013View
140VideoVaporman87"Find the way noble challenger. Find the way of the WARRior!" Ugh! Just awful.Way of the Warrior - 3DOJan 14, 2013View
145VideoVaporman87Yep. Now Jason Rubin is head of THQ. So this peice of dung didn't stop him from reaching the top. Way of the Warrior - 3DOJan 15, 2013View
146VideoVaporman87I loved this game. This and Flashback, though I couldn't seem to get quite as enthused for Flashback. I think it just felt more like a copy of this game.Out of this World IntroJan 15, 2013View
147VideoVaporman87It was an awesome game. At the time, I couldn't imagine how graphics could get any better. Road Rash Intro - 3DOJan 15, 2013View
149VideoVaporman87I loved that series of movies. Good stuff.The Naked Gun: From the Files of Poliice Squad - The Sound of Relief Jan 15, 2013View
150ArticleVaporman87M, m, m, m, - MASK! is tha mighty power that can save tha dayyyyy..... I should have been a jingle performer.Intro Jingle People RememberedJan 15, 2013View
151ArticleVaporman87But seriously, thanks for this. This is one of those questions you ask but never get around to looking anything up on. Thanks for taking the work out of it. Intro Jingle People RememberedJan 15, 2013View