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154VideoVaporman87Yeah. There's no reason it couldn't be made available for PS3 owners. Such a great title. Jan 16, 2013View
157ArticleVaporman87This was a great read. I had absolutely no knowledge of this game and it's following until having read this. Then I did a little research on it, discovering a devoted fan base (even online versions of the game). Just excellent.The Jet Set Willy SagaJan 16, 2013View
162VideoVaporman87I can't count the times I have done my best Owen impression. lolPlains, Trains, & Automobiles - OwenJan 18, 2013View
163VideoVaporman87We need the burping contest scene on here. Revenge of the Nerds trailerJan 18, 2013View
166ArticleVaporman87The site is what YOU (the user) make of it. If you have a passion and wish to see it represented then it is in your power to (and you are encouraged and rewarded for) change(ing) that.I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
171VideoVaporman87Because no cartoon could air if it didn't have some clumsy baffoonish character providing comedy relief. Godzilla Series Intro/Outro (1970s)Jan 21, 2013View
172VideoVaporman87I still have at least 15 of the 10" Trendmasters figures STILL SEALED IN THE BOX. They weren't the most realistic looking Godzilla figures, but they were American made, something you won't see today (Bandai America is still owned by Bandai Japan). There were plans to release a line called Godzilla Doom Island, and some figures were produced for this line, but none made it onto store shelves. Before Trendmasters closed their doors, they liquidated their inventory online, and many Doom Island figures were sold in that liquidation to fans of the toy line. I got my hands on several, and some lucky dude won a prototype 10" Destroyah. Overseas, a small number of 10" Biollantes were sold. To find and purchase one now would cost you a small fortune.Godzilla Wars Figures - 1996Jan 21, 2013View
174VideoVaporman87I get so tired of remakes. Why can't they remake awful movies into great movies, and leave the great movies alone!Eric Carmen-Hungry EyesJan 22, 2013View
175VideoVaporman87Wow, that's just... horrendous. LOLMegaman X4 Iris' death sceneJan 22, 2013View
177VideoVaporman87Never saw this one. I think, aside from Batman (the Tim Burton one), I was not a BIG Jack Nicholson fan. But his portrayal of the Joker is by far the best ever.One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - I Want My CigarettesJan 22, 2013View