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180ArticleVaporman87Right. We had a ShowBiz Pizza about 45 minutes from here some years back. If, I remember right, I may have had a birthday party there once - or attended someone elses birthday there. Great article raptor. Thanks for this. Jan 24, 2013View
182VideoVaporman87Indeed. Very strange. The poor voice acting only serves to creep you out more. Peppermint ParkJan 24, 2013View
185VideoVaporman87It slices... it dices...Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 AdJan 24, 2013View
186VideoVaporman87I wonder how many kids busted their heads open using that racing brake. Big Wheel AdJan 24, 2013View
187VideoVaporman87A reproduction of this is available at Toys R Us. I didn't see what price they were asking for it, but I imagine it's upwards of $150.00.Star Wars Kenner Millenium Falcon AdJan 24, 2013View
189ArticleVaporman87Awesome. The only game I recognize is Fester's Quest, and you're right... it was an odd one. So much obscure retrogaming goodness in this. I doubt you'll find any of these titles for an emulator.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
196ArticleVaporman87It's just not the same with an emulator and computer anyway. There's just something about sitting in front of a 32 inch picture tube television with that NES controller in your hand that can be replicated.Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 25, 2013View
197VideoVaporman87We need an ad for the "pump" shoes, now that this one is here. L.A. Gear Light-up ShoesJan 25, 2013View
198VideoVaporman87Where have I seen that red-headed kid's mug before? I know he hosted some other show. Was it a Nickalodeon show?GamePro TV Episode - Mag-net-o EditionJan 25, 2013View
209ArticleVaporman87It's very nice to finally get to read the entire article. (For those who don't know, ProphetSword and I had some difficulty figuring out why the entire article would not make it through to the Admin Panel approval area) And now that I get to read the whole thing, I am really glad I did. This was a really nice look into a game I would otherwise have never known about. Thanks for this PS. It was a great read.CLASSIC GAMES: Lazy Jones for the Commdore 64Jan 26, 2013View