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Model Student

When I was a freshman in high school they told the P. E. classes somebody was going to talk to us about proper health. I didn’t care because I didn’t have to dress for class. They rounded all the girls up in the gym. Then I found out what it really was. It was for a modeling school, but they didn’t tell us. The lady did her spiel to us. She kinda reminded me of my seventh grade English teacher for some reason. They passed out a little form to fill out. It had space for your address and phone number. I filled it out and totally forgot about for about two months. Then around the end of the school year I get a call from a modeling agency. My mom was mad at me. They wanted me to go in for a consultation. I wanted to go not because I wanted to be a model, but because I was curious to see what they offered.

The day before I went I watched the Sailor Moon Dic dub of the episode “Shutter Bugged” for inspiration. In that episode a famous photographer named Peter Fisher is photographing things. He meets Neflite and makes Peter's camera evil. Peter holds a modeling contest.

Serena and her friends enter the contest. Eventually Serena finds out that the camera is taking the models' energy. Sailor Moon saves the day and all is well again.

I guess they had called other girls from my school because when I had talked to other girls at school they said they also had appointments in the evening too. One of my friends said she had also filled out a form for the school, but didn’t write her phone number, and if I remember correctly she said they mailed her some pamphlets or something. My dad drove me to the consultation. The problem was that we were not dealing with a local modeling school. It was about thirty miles away! Why couldn’t my high school have dealt with a more local modeling school!? It was a long drive there. We went there during rush hour. Luckily we were going towards the city, and not away from it. My appointment was in the evening.

When we got there I noticed the modeling school was next to a gym in this office park strip mall type place. There was a sign out front advertising their clients with their name and picture. I had not heard of most of them except for one of their clients who was Debra Wilson from MADtv. 

In the reception waiting area I saw a girl from my school. She was all dressed up. I had worn the same outfit I wore to school that day. I had read in a teenage fashion magazine that if a person has star quality that others could see it, and you didn’t need to dress up or anything. The whole thing was silly. They asked what my favorite food is, and I said “bacon”.

This was a segue into reading the Domino's Pizza ad.

Because according to them, everybody likes pizza. I do like pizza with a bacon topping. They had me read a fake Domino's Pizza ad. The ad was so simplistic and corny it seemed like a small child who was just learning how to write paragraphs wrote it. I felt silly reading it because it was so bad. I think I blew my chances when I mentioned bacon. They showed my dad and I some of the packages they offered including one package that offered gym classes that were held at the gym next door. They were really pricey, and my parents couldn’t afford it anyway, even if I wanted to go. When we were leaving I ran into more girls from my school in the reception lobby.

The next day at school I told one of my friends about the consultation, and it seemed like a scam. One of the girls at my school won a scholarship to the modeling school. She was telling us about the classes she took, and all they seemed to do was play improv games. 

On Valentine’s Day of my sophomore year they told all the girls from my P.E. class to not dress and go to the library. I didn’t feel like exercising anyway. They told us we were going to do something about improving self esteem. I didn’t have much back then so I thought I could use all the help I could get. When I walked in I saw her. It was the lady from the modeling school. Her perkiness seemed downright freaky this time. My friend and I made fun of the lady through her whole presentation; we were also filling out our Valentines to give to our friends later in the day. All the modeling school lady really had us do was play improv games. I feel improv is like sports. I love to watch it and if people know what they are doing its fun to watch. When I do either improv or sports I’m bad at it, and I don’t find it fun to participate in. The lady passed out those forms again, but I didn’t fill it out this time because I knew what it would lead to.

I don’t know what kind of cahoots my high school was in with the modeling school. After that the lady from the modeling school seemed to be at every college/career fair that my school held.

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MissM Posted on Feb 16, 2015 at 07:39 AM

That is crazy! I can't believe your school had a connection with that lady and the modeling school. That is some experience you went through. I liked how you also mentioned the Sailor Moon episode because while reading about your experience I kept thinking, this sounds like it could turn into a Sailor Moon episode or something.

pikachulover Posted on Jan 30, 2015 at 11:30 PM

Of course I remember the modeling school ads and the insurance ones they would show them during Punky Brewster all the time. "Call Survival now!"

Hoju Koolander Posted on Jan 30, 2015 at 08:46 PM

Most people run into those types of "Modeling Schools" at malls from what I hear. It's so weird that the school sanctioned such an obvious cash-grab. Do you remember those TV ads that ran on daytime TV for the Barbizon School of Modeling way back when? They usually came on right after a commercial for Survival auto insurance with the guys playing poker, "Are you insured?" "Yes." "By Survival?" "No." "I can't take that bet." So cheesy, cracks me up.

pikachulover Posted on Jan 29, 2015 at 07:35 PM

The school dealt with a few more shady people including the people who sold class rings and graduation supplies.

I didn't really want to be a model anyway I was just curious.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 29, 2015 at 06:42 PM

Ha! What a story. A bit concerning, but at least your parents were involved from the start... just in case things weren't on the "up and up". Still, it seems rather disingenuous on the part of the school. I think I'd probably complain if I were a parent that found out.

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