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5456Articleechidna64My friends group were predominantly collectors (I think we didn't fully understand the rules of the game). The Toys R Us held Pokemon TCG tournaments weekly. My goal was just to try to catch-em all. Later on I became a big fan of the Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy Color. That's where I truly learned the mechanics of the game. Pokemania: Pokemon Trading Card GameJul 07, 2021View
5455ArticleBenjanimeit must have been a thrill going to whatever card tournaments you could, since i wasn't into the card game for very long i never thought about going to them. though since living in virginia and knowing about a certain fellow named chris chan and hearing about his incidents in one of the areas that held their own card game tournaments, maybe it's for the best that i didn't have it on my mind lol.Pokemania: Pokemon Trading Card GameJul 06, 2021View
5454Articlerakeshhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orJSJGHjBLISitcom Characters Who Got StupidJul 05, 2021View
5453ArticlerakeshTestSitcom Characters Who Got StupidJul 05, 2021View
5452ArticleoniparOh yeah! I forgot to mention the trading cards like Batman. I used to buy those there a lot. The Corner StoreJun 27, 2021View
5451ArticleoniparLoved Hey Arnold too! Doug and his fall from graceJun 27, 2021View
5449ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic I'll take a few! @onipar yeah i don't think i even finished watching the whole disney series when i was little, hey arnold was starting to become popular too, so that might have been the reason. @Julie thankfully i now have the nick series on dvd for us both to watch, my love ❤ thank you always for your support in reading my articles ^^Doug and his fall from graceJun 26, 2021View
5448ArticleJulieFirst, my congrats on the always very well written article full of charisma. ❤ Doug achieved relative success, Rugrats was a cute colossus and I've only seen The Ren & Stimpy in a few 16-bit games back then. I also noticed the always great moral lessons in Doug's episodes and enjoyed the series. I didn't even know there was a sequel from Disney (which has only destroyed franchises lately thanks to the destructive woke culture). It's now a memory of a cartoon that was pleasant to watch, a good memory of the 90s.Doug and his fall from graceJun 26, 2021View
5447ArticleoniparWell, heck, that's pretty sad. I used to always watch Doug on Nick, but I guess by time the second series came out, I was a little too old to care. I feel like a vaguely remember the movie coming out, but again, I didn't see it. I did recently revisit some of the original Doug episodes, and they seem to hold up pretty well for me. Doug and his fall from graceJun 26, 2021View
5446ArticleMr MagicAnyone for a Honker Burger?Doug and his fall from graceJun 26, 2021View