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shakin steak wrote :

thecrow174 wrote :

The first stage is beatable after a couple of tries, but the second stage? Not so much.
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lol wut? The second stage is easy as pie. Are you thinking of the third stage? With the jet bikes?

Here's my entry,

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That game is so wonderful but yet so aggravating!!!!
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Mr Magic
The Lion King for Genesis.

They sure didn't make this level easy.

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Caps 2.0
My motor skills have never been the best. My hand tremors when I'm holding a cup or glass with a drink in it. Therefore, a lot of games have been difficult for me, but especially the first and third "Super Mario Brothers" game. Strangely, though, I was able to complete SMB2 and "Super Mario World", albeit not getting all the secrets in the latter game.
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Mr Magic
I was fortunate to beat Super Mario World. I never got past all of the special levels, but I did defeat Bowser and his Koopa crew.

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Mr Magic


Just got done beating level 8. Man, that one will sure wear out your brain.



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for the life of me i could never finish fester's quest, the respawning enemies and multiplying green blobs just made it impossible, but kudos to the players out there that endured playing through it, because even the small guide provided by nintendo power magazine didn't help enough.

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