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Wow, that was a pretty epic tale. I thought you were making it up till I saw the photo proof haha! You're an art teacher there? That sounds cool!
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Yeah I used to until that place went under. The company I worked for actually was an American company. You can see it on the American Show SHARK TANK. It was called RompnRoll. I actually met that CEO in Beijing off the Shark tank Show and helped him with the grand opening of like a 5th Center in Beijing at the olympic stadium. Now I make videos for pay. I do this thing called Shenzhen News, which is like a fake news deal where I dress up as a news anchor and report on new nightclubs, Restaurants, CryptoCurrency companies and the like. I also have been doing voice acting in video games here, My kids do modeling and acting and my son blew my mind last year , when he took home the title of 1st place champion of the Hong Kong official Nintendo Pokemon League championships.BUT the best thing I have ever done is the Retro,hk convention. which was the very first place to display the NINTENDO PLAYSTATION After it was discovered. If you follow me on Instagram THREADSBYKODAK you will see the owner of that Nintendo Playstation likes a lot of my posts and stuff. Guys all I could think of when we threw those deals was how awesome all you guys would think it was. Scope it out here. The first one was me just visiting , the second one was me working for it. 

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KodaK The Douche of I Remember Gaming.
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First, welcome KodaK. It is always good to see folks make the jump from RJ. Also, EPIC tale from China!

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You love this signature.
I'd also really appreciate any crypto insider trading tips haha
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