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171VideoVaporman87Because no cartoon could air if it didn't have some clumsy baffoonish character providing comedy relief. Godzilla Series Intro/Outro (1970s)Jan 21, 2013View
170VideoMr MagicThat's the one I'm talking about. XDGodzilla Series Intro/Outro (1970s)Jan 21, 2013View
169VideoraptorThat's this one. Ugh. lolGodzilla Series Intro/Outro (1970s)Jan 21, 2013View
168VideoMr MagicI seem to remember a Godzilla cartoon featuring a character named Godzooky.Godzilla Series Intro/Outro (1970s)Jan 21, 2013View
167ArticleAceNThaHoleDidnt have a C64 but we did have a Tandy and this game reminds me so much of some of the games we wore out on that old machineThe Jet Set Willy SagaJan 19, 2013View
166ArticleVaporman87The site is what YOU (the user) make of it. If you have a passion and wish to see it represented then it is in your power to (and you are encouraged and rewarded for) change(ing) that.I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
165ArticlewitchphynixI don't get this website, I am confused and bewildered. I'm a product of 80's high school. where's the smurfs and super powers? Or Goldar? And where is Rom?I totally missed out!Jan 19, 2013View
164VideoBenjanimethis game was like the last bit of childhood that was left from mePokemon Blue introJan 19, 2013View
163VideoVaporman87We need the burping contest scene on here. Revenge of the Nerds trailerJan 18, 2013View
162VideoVaporman87I can't count the times I have done my best Owen impression. lolPlains, Trains, & Automobiles - OwenJan 18, 2013View