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4808ArticleBenjanimeno prob :) oh neat, well i'm glad to enjoyed reading then!'90s PC GamesJan 23, 2019View
4807Articleechidna64Thanks for sharing Ben! PC Gaming is really close to my heart, especially King's Quest and so many others! '90s PC GamesJan 23, 2019View
4806VideoMr Magic@bluegrassbaby: Everyone loves Garfield.American Express Card ad from 1985Jan 15, 2019View
4805ArticleHoju KoolanderWow, the generational angle of this article is unbelievable. I totally relate to being a poser, but I never even got my Nash board moving, something was wrong with the wheels and without an awesome older neighbor guru to get them rolling I just moved on to comics and action figures. My favorite part of the story is your crush's awesome brother showing up out of nowhere as the God of the ollie, so fun.Skate or Die GenerationJan 15, 2019View
4804ArticleNLoganAlso the high school kid that we skate hitched (skitched or bizzed) a ride from kept the basketball when he peeled out. He didn't stop to help us. Maybe that was his intention all along.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View
4803ArticleNLogan@benjanime I once went to a skating rink and couldn't believe that there were more scooters on the rink than kids in skates. It was during your scooter craze. @Ravenloft I tried to get a picture of Doom drop from Google maps it is either gone or from the angle you just can't see how much it dropped. I also tried to get the stairwell that M went off but the same problem, street view you can only see the top, satellite view you can't see them at all just lines. The Circle K is now a KFC and the Shopko construction site where we skated is now a Costco. You can see the canal but it is full of water.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View
4802ArticleNLoganI have never seen any of these. Way back in the day I played Oregon Trail or Zork. When I had my own computer in the 2000s my wife introduced me to minesweeper and solitaire. Eventually I got Counter-Strike Half Life from valve.'90s PC GamesJan 14, 2019View
4798ArticleRavenloftBack in those days we never wore helmets for skating or bikes except the one time we tried BMX. Helmets weren't a thing and nobody's parents freaked out about it. That said, one of our elementary friends died in a header on his bike. Funny how when we were gearing up our little brother elbow/knee pads and helmet were the first things we bought. We also found a natural jump made of two upturned concrete sidewalk slabs that made a perfect steep upside down V. We foot stomped for all we were worth trying to gain speed to launch, eventually we took turns with a bike rope tow to get truly impressive (for kids) distance. Also a sidewalk in our apartment complex went down a hill to a 2 1/2 foot drop off into the parking lot and it was the defacto launch for the entire neighborhood. We called it the doom drop. I think it was a handicap accessible thing because the sidewalk lead straight to an wheelchair apartment. No one launched a skateboard off that thing and survived a landing although we tried for years, but with bikes and scooters we could do it. The scooters with the mini bike tires not the lame scooters with the rollerblade wheels-those things would highcenter as soon as the front wheel went off the doom drop causing the kid to attempt a full front flip or die.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View
4795ArticleBenjanimebeing an artist the skateboard designs always intrigued me, though i never got into skateboarding itself. it wasn't until 2002 that i got a scooter though and i think i rode it up until 2004 when the scooter craze was starting to slow down.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View
4794ArticleRavenloftMy brother forgot to mention what we did while we were grieviously injured from the car tow dumb idea: sprained ankle for my brother, broken collarbone for my friend, and complete coverage severely bleeding road rash on my back, we sat on the floor to avoid blood on the couch and played nintendo while waiting for his mom to get home to take us to the hospital. Our mom didn't get off work for several more hours. We didn't call anybody, first of all cell phones were unknown to us then in those days and car phones were only for rich people and calling your parents at work was never done by kids voluntarily anyways unless mandatory such as when you got home from school. We could have knocked on a neighbors door to find a responsible adult or even called 911, but nope it never even entered our minds to seek help. We just play NES and waited while I ruined a blood soaked towel from my friends closet and we silently (except for the occasional groan or sniffle) played video games.Skate or Die GenerationJan 14, 2019View