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3869ArticlejkatzHuh, I always thought (assumed) that Toto's "Africa" was written specifically for this event. It'd be interesting if this sort of widespread collaboration were to happen with today's top artistsRemembering Live Aid (1985)Apr 26, 2017View
3867ArticleHoju KoolanderWhile I was not quite old enough to experience these events in real time, their influence was felt in so many parodies on my favorite sitcoms like The Simpsons with "Sending Our Love Down The Well" and an episode of Married...With Children featuring "washed up" musicians singing "We Are The Old" to name a few.Remembering Live Aid (1985)Apr 24, 2017View
3866ArticleHoju KoolanderYes, more of these Wizard excerpts please. I definitely tuned into MANTIS as well. It was a very cool premise, though it was always just a countdown to when/how his suit would give out. The image selected for the Swamp Thing blurb is from The Return of Swamp Thing movie (which is mega fun) not the TV show (Which didn't​ have the same wacky spirit). I saw Mask of the Phantasm in theaters, it was just an extra long episode, nothing great. Rob Leifeld was always claiming he had a movie based on one of his creations coming out, that never happened. I remember Badrock and Prophet starring Tom Cruise specifically. And yes, Vaporman87 is right, I LOVE The Shadow. Alec Baldwin and his supporting cast have such great banter in a beautiful 1930s throwback setting. Just go in expecting more humor than gritty action and you will be entertained, though it has some cool special effects scenes.Andy Mangels Hollywood Heroes From May 1993Apr 24, 2017View
3865ArticleCaps 2.0My fear of New York City came into effect after my Dad died. He worked in the city for what was called Nynex at the time, and he would occasionally take me or my brother into the city with him to spend a day at work, after which we might do something like visit a museum or cross the Hudson River into New Jersey and attend a Giants game. My dad was a Vietnam veteran and one of the toughest, yet gentlest people I knew. He died when I was 12, and I no longer felt safe visiting the city. It didn't help that my mom, with whom I had a fractured and bitter relationship, didn't understand why I was afraid of the city. She was born and raised in the Bronx, so she strode through with no problem. Me? I was scared and still am.Retro Culture of FearApr 24, 2017View
3864Articleechidna64My favorite depiction of NY in the 80's is from the Ninja Turtles movies lol Things were pretty bad back then, nowadays you simply can't afford to live there if you make less than 100KRetro Culture of FearApr 24, 2017View
3863ArticlejkatzYou guys are getting waaay ahead of me -_- But yeah, all that and more will be covered in upcoming installments.The Secret Origin of Miracleman, Pt.1!Apr 24, 2017View
3862ArticleBenjanimethat would've been the best free gift ever for your kids though. it's too bad you didn't get to keep it.1990s EdutainmentApr 24, 2017View
3861ArticleHoju Koolander@Vaporman87 See in my case the warnings were all nonsense, but you guys apparently had access to the stuff. That's crazy! @mickyarber It's like I've always said, Virginia is the California of the East! OK, maybe I've never actually said that, but VA and CA share a letter!Retro Culture of FearApr 24, 2017View
3860ArticleHoju KoolanderFunny story, last year a boxed SEGA Pico system was shipped to me unannounced. I sent the word out on social media, asking for the sender to reveal themselves, but got no response. So I totally set it up for my kids with that Richard Scary game and they were having a great time. A few days later I got an email from an eBay seller from whom I had won an auction, saying he accidentally shipped the Pico to me and needed it returned. Ah well, it was a fun 48 hours.1990s EdutainmentApr 24, 2017View
3859ArticleHoju KoolanderI didn't own any He-Man toys until the 3rd or 4th wave with characters like Rokkon, Spikor and Mantenna. But I had a light up He-Man power sword at one point for my role play fun. Alot of the older kids I knew had these original figures and vehicles, so I did play with them. Buzz-Off's helmet always seemed redundant to me because it had extra Bug Eyes on it, which really bothered me.Catalog Pages: Masters of the Universe from 1985Apr 24, 2017View