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3799ArticleHoju Koolander@oldschool80s Sounds like a cool collector's item. I had no idea they were doing midnight screenings of new films that far back. @jkatz Yeah, I actually got the Dick Tracy NES game recently and man, is it a bummer. I like the varied gameplay and mystery concept, but all the snipers on the rooftop are ridiculous.Antique Store Finds: Dick Tracy MemorabiliaMar 23, 2017View
3798ArticleOldSchool80sRemember him well as Billy Bear in 48 Hrs. and then of course from Predator. Had not known what had happened to him, so thanks for the update (although a little sad).Washed Up Celebrities: Sonny LandhamMar 23, 2017View
3797ArticleOldSchool80sI saw a special midnight premiere showing of the film with a group of friends because it was so hyped. I remember being a little disappointed compared to what my expectations were, but that it was still a fun time. I received a special t-shirt for attending this showing and I believe I still have it packed away somewhere.Antique Store Finds: Dick Tracy MemorabiliaMar 23, 2017View
3796ArticleOldSchool80sNice article, Lazlo. I have never really been a big fan of Pink Floyd, but I totally understand what you are talking about.Still Rock and Roll To MeMar 23, 2017View
3795ArticleOldSchool80sI was always more of a Marvel guy than DC, but I was partial to team-ups. Liked Avengers and JLA, but any issue with a crossover or another character making appearance was always cool. Loved stuff like Secret Wars, Contest of Champions, etc. Those favorites from childhood are still ones I remain loyal/partial to after all of these years. They will always hold a special place for me.The Beginning of My Comic Fandom Mar 23, 2017View
3794ArticleSupermanHoju, I'm enough of an oldies fan that I recognize all of those names. I bet they were a lot of fun to see.Salute to the '60sMar 23, 2017View
3793ArticlejkatzThis movie certainly has more merchandise than I thought it would...I'd take any of these over the notoriously awful NES tie-in game. Antique Store Finds: Dick Tracy MemorabiliaMar 23, 2017View
3792Articlemickyarber@Hoju I was a fan of Kyle Rayner too. When he took over in GL #51, I started picking the book up every month up through the last 60's issues. Whichever issues it was that Hal came back and fought Kyle in the 2 part story in those later issues.The Beginning of My Comic Fandom Mar 22, 2017View
3791ArticleHoju KoolanderI have always had a soft spot for oldies as well and went to a 60's superstars show at a county fair around 1989 where acts like The Monkees, Bobby "Boris" Pickett (The Monster Mash) and The Tokens ( The Lion Sleeps Tonight) among others performed, it was great. I would have loved to see all those Grandmas freaking out at your show.Salute to the '60sMar 22, 2017View
3790ArticleHoju KoolanderTo answer your question, I totally mailed away for my Olympic sales kit and managed one sale of Christmas cards to my friend's Mom before giving up my dreams​ of earning enough points for a rock tumbler. I also ordered some novelty pranks like Rattlesnake Eggs and the mouse trap chewing gum pack. I used to love the Things You Never Knew Existed and Can't Possibly Live Without catalog as well. During the 90s comic book boom Mile High opened a location in Anaheim, CA that was massive. I loved going through that store and even got some "Collectors Item" comics from an in store auction.Halftone WondersMar 22, 2017View