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4889ArticleBenjanimei'm still upset over the 1992 time capsule getting moved.RetroJunk Classic: Is Nickelodeon Studios Reopening?Mar 20, 2019View
4888ArticleOldSchool80sI would add "Lucky" from the Lucky Charms cereal commercials that aired regularly during Saturday morning cartoons back then! They're magically delicious...Leprechauns in 80s and 90s CartoonsMar 16, 2019View
4887ArticleVaporman87It's funny to remember just how much we considered ownership of a cell phone a status symbol. Only the richest and most important people owned one, or so we thought. Now people own cell phones that don't even have running water. Priorities.First Cell Phone Made Available for Sale Commercially in 1983 Mar 14, 2019View
4886ArticlepikachuloverI love Glomer he is so cute! I liked in the opening how Punky could poke the rainbow. Leprechauns in 80s and 90s CartoonsMar 14, 2019View
4884ArticleVaporman87I had forgotten that Glomer was a Leprechaun. He is so much different than the traditional Leprechaun is portrayed. Leprechauns in 80s and 90s CartoonsMar 12, 2019View
4883ArticleBenjanimeah, glomer, the scrappy-doo of punky brewster lol.Leprechauns in 80s and 90s CartoonsMar 12, 2019View
4882ArticleHoju KoolanderI was a big Wizard reader and subscriber from issue 7 on, so this article was right up my alley. I actually got a Grendel 1/2 comic as a birthday present one year from a cheapskate classmate just passing along his Wizard insert. I do have to disagree with your claim that the magazine showed favoritism toward Marvel and DC though. Especially in the early days the staff acted like the books from Image and Valiant were the pinnacle of graphic storytelling along with other indie books like Shi, Bone, Hellboy and Lady Death. It was only after the early 90s boom ended and the "Big Two" were back to being the main providers of comics to the mainstream that they got more coverage. At least that was my experience.Five Best Wizard Magazine freebiesMar 09, 2019View
4880Articlejkatz"a cheap and exploitative rag that showed obscene favor to DC and Marvel, while also overlooking the indie comics scene." I'd buy Wizards occasionally and I have to agree this is kinda true...they got a little better about it in later years, though.Five Best Wizard Magazine freebiesMar 06, 2019View
4879ArticleVaporman87I had my fair share of Wizard Magazine. I did like some of the unique covers and the pack-ins that you would get with it. I still have a stash of them hidden away somewhere, some of which are not opened.Five Best Wizard Magazine freebiesMar 06, 2019View
4878ArticleBenjanimecan't say no to those titles! haha :)10 games that should have been on the SNES ClassicMar 06, 2019View