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4064ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieThank you :)Dipping My Toes, My First Experience Writing FictionAug 24, 2017View
4063ArticleBenjanimelong after i graduated high school in 2006 i actually collaborated with a friend to help design human/animal hybrid characters drawn in both of our art styles. the main character was a half human/half wolf named kerii who would go out on adventures taking inspiration from the legend of zelda. granted that i'm not a furry, it was an interesting concept still. i hope your ideas continue to grow!Dipping My Toes, My First Experience Writing FictionAug 24, 2017View
4062ArticleBenjanimeit's always neat to try and make your own original character try to stand out, i liked the idea of the comic book and trading cards. when i designed my first character lars, i'd wanted to have a similar concept but i only ever had time to draw when i was in study hall. whenever i got home my stepdad would drag me outside to do boring hardware fixing out in the garage as soon as i finished my homework.The Saga of Sun ManAug 24, 2017View
4061ArticleBenjanimei'm still scratching my brain to figure out what could work for him as far as a story would go. in the end though i do have the creativity to thank for bringing me so far into this little hobby, just as vaporman nailed on the head.Lars Dakota: The lost original characterAug 24, 2017View
4060ArticleMr MagicIt's movies like Revenge of the Ninja that make being a ninja sound like fun!Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Aug 23, 2017View
4059ArticlevkimoI'm digging the Lars Dakota name, its catchy. Maybe put him in a story where he wreaks havoc on the big oil's pipeline running through his home turf.Lars Dakota: The lost original characterAug 23, 2017View
4058ArticlevkimoI'm definitely in Ninja mode now. I remember Snake Eyes being your avatar for years on RetroJunk. In a way, you were very much like a Ninja, seldom seen but always lurking in the shadows.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Aug 22, 2017View
4057ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieI don't recall, Logan. Thank you Vapor, I'm currently working on a children's book. Dipping My Toes, My First Experience Writing FictionAug 22, 2017View
4056ArticleNLoganKids across America became imaginary ninjas in their minds and snuck around wishing they had the martial arts prowess and abilities of true ninjas before the videogame craze took over and firmly rooted their butts to the couch. I am glad you were one of those kids.Revenge of the Imaginary Ninjas!Aug 22, 2017View
4055ArticleNLoganTo the future arch-nemesis of Sun Man, become friends with Luna his girlfriend. Because the best time to beat him is during a lunar eclipse.The Saga of Sun ManAug 22, 2017View