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4563ArticleSupermanI had many coloring books as a kid, but the two that stick out the most in my mind are a Scooby-Doo one and a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers one.80s Coloring BooksSep 18, 2018View
4562ArticleSupermanBeing a kid of the '90s, I missed out on a lot of the most popular dogs of the '80s, but the fictional dog from pop culture who most appealed to me during childhood was probably Scooby-Doo.10 Pop Culture Dogs of the 80sSep 18, 2018View
4561ArticleHoju KoolanderThese are amazing, especially the Hulk ones. "Hulk like coloring. It the only thing make Hulk happy." But he is kind of going for a low blow against that dragon creature and Uatu has really been working out.80s Coloring BooksSep 18, 2018View
4559ArticleNLogan<img src=""><br> <img src="" width="345" height="470"> <img src="" width="341" height="444"> <img src="" width="301" height="412"> 80s Coloring BooksSep 18, 2018View
4558ArticleSupermanIt's so cool that a place like this still exists.Rad Retro Weekend Part 3: Video Store VictorySep 17, 2018View
4557ArticleSupermanLooks like you guys stumbled across some great finds. I especially love that TMNT lunchbox.Rad Retro Weekend Part 2: Antique Store FindsSep 17, 2018View
4555ArticleBenjanimeyeah, i actually just found that out after submitting the article, so bizarre haha. on an unrelated note i don't think i could get used to hearing chuck e. sing lol.Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Sep 17, 2018View
4554ArticleblueluigiOh lord, I actually tripped across this a few years ago while I was surfing through torrent sites. I checked it out after morbid curiosity. It was a very high level of cheesy. Also, it's funny you mention Vegeta's English voice actor. Because this direct-to-video is actually done by FUNimation. Yes... that FUNimation.Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Sep 17, 2018View
4553ArticleSupermanThis article reminds me so much of the fun my cousin and I used to have when he used to come over on the weekend or (even better) the times he spent the whole summer over at my house. They were fun times I'd love to relive. I'm glad the two of you managed to enjoy reliving a bit of your childhoods for a night.Rad Retro Weekend Part 1Sep 16, 2018View
4552ArticleSupermanI think I saw some of that kryptonite for sale when I visited the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL several years ago. If not this specific version, it was definitely similar in that it was just some regular rocks painted green. I considered buying it for a souvenir but rethought it since they were, after all, just painted green rocks. The paint was even coming off already.Super Hero Toy Catalog 1978Sep 16, 2018View