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5786vhsCoverRetroOtaku620I believe I'm familiar with this movie, I don't think I've ever seen it. I'm going to check and see if it's on Disney Plus, and if it is, I'll give it a watch to see how good it is.OPERATION-DUMBO-DROPNov 27, 2023View
5785ArticleLizCampyDoes anyone remember what the knock off version of the Wuzzles were called? Maybe it was a Wuzzle. It was a stuffed toy, the body of a Chicken, but had the head of a Dog. It was white with some orange on it. It was 2 animals in one... I have been going crazy for more than 25 years trying to find this stuffed toy. I'd be so grateful if anyone could let me know the name and where to find one. LizCampy@gmail.comStuffed Animals of the 80'sNov 16, 2023View
5784ArticleMr MagicMy RHCP jams: Under the Bridge Give it Away By the Way Scar Tissue Dani CaliforniaMy Top 3 Favorite RHCP AlbumsNov 05, 2023View
5783ArticleBenjanimeJust a second note, since this goes into the territory of going through research of modern events in your life, this article should have been labeled as Smurf Photog.February 20, 1967 or November 18, 1953? An Indepth Analysis On Kath Soucie's True Date Of BirthNov 05, 2023View
5782ArticleBenjanimeNot to put down your first article here but... I have to agree with Vaporman about where you were going with it. Usually articles here are written about sharing your memories of what you remember, and not really focused on bringing up random trivia. I suppose it is a bit interesting to be given this knowledge, but again it's not really a good first impression of what should be written. I'll up your article score out of sincerity though.February 20, 1967 or November 18, 1953? An Indepth Analysis On Kath Soucie's True Date Of BirthNov 05, 2023View
5781ArticleOldSchool80sI am also partial to Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party"My 5 Favorite Halloween SongsOct 28, 2023View
5780ArticleHoju KoolanderHey, sorry for the late reply, RetroOtaku620. I'm fine with you sharing the story or if he wants me to read/retell it in person, I have mic, will travel. Just let me know.The Real GooniesOct 26, 2023View
5779ArticleBenjanimeMr Magic@ Oddly enough, that's the internet browserGame Com: The Worst Handheld I Almost GotOct 10, 2023View
5778ArticleMr MagicUm, let's see. What do I remember about Game.Com? I might have seen commercials for it, but that's all I know. What's with the phone icon on the menu screen? Could you make calls?Game Com: The Worst Handheld I Almost GotOct 10, 2023View
5777ArticleGame JoyTo be frank, I also saw the ads back then, on GamePro. But I didn't got hyped, the console visual wasn't appealing, looking oddly simplistic to it's promises, and the black and white games, not appealing as well. The Bandai WonderSwan was another recent release, also with black and white games. The only "outsider" handheld getting my attention was the Neo-Geo Pocket Color, and the Game Boy Color about to come out. The other handheld having my curiosity was the Nokia N-Gage, but when I saw the so tiny screen, I got reluctant on getting it. Luckily you had the experience before buying it, little brother. Another charismatic, full of passion game article from my amazing brother. It's always a pleasure to read.Game Com: The Worst Handheld I Almost GotOct 10, 2023View