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844ArticleVaporman87I noticed Flutterina will be making an appearance in the MOTU Classics line. She must have went on one of those makeover shows, because she looks slightly different, though very much still Flutterina. And they have somehow managed to make NA Skeletor bearable to look at... which he certainly was not when first released. LOL Great interview Miss M.  Nov 06, 2013View
846ArticleOldSchool80sWelcome! Looking forward to more!Retro-Daze Presents: Toy Talk with Miss M!Nov 06, 2013View
845ArticleMissMThank you Vaporman87! I was thinking of a nice way to write a first post, and I thought, "what would it be like if I had a toy talk show?" lol I do think Flutterina went through some makeover stuff, because the new one does look a little different, but you are right, it is enough to make her feel like Flutterina. And I so know what you mean, this new NA Skeletor is a vast improvement! Just beyond vast! Retro-Daze Presents: Toy Talk with Miss M!Nov 06, 2013View
847ArticleMissMThank you very much OldSchool80s!Retro-Daze Presents: Toy Talk with Miss M!Nov 07, 2013View
20VideoVaporman87This picture is frightening. Dec 06, 2012View
859ArticleVaporman87Just reading about your experiences with Children's Palace makes me wish there had been one here in our area during my youth. The closest thing we had for the longest time was Kay-Bee Toys in the mall. Toys 'R Us didn't come around until later for us. I can only imagine the grief I would have given my parents to take me to a Children's Palace. The long commercial segment was awesome. There were several toys in there that I have no memory of ever seeing. Things like the Motor Mouth board game, and the Tiger piano game... great stuff. I really could have done without the curly haired "comedian/rapper" guy though. LOL Great fun Miss M. Thanks for this.Children's Palace Was RealNov 16, 2013View
2332ArticleVaporman87Cool. Thanks for the site info Danny.Children's Palace Was RealJun 27, 2015View
861ArticleSegaFanaticIntresting. I only had Toys R Us, which was fine, but I wish there were more options. Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed it!Children's Palace Was RealNov 17, 2013View
862ArticleThe Trash ManChildren's Palace was owned and operated by Child World, which was a chain of toy stores that was founded in Avon, MA. Right around the corner from where I grew up [and still currently live]. My friend and I were reminiscing about our local Child World just the other day while we were at the mall it used to be part of. Their panda bear mascot meant more to my childhood than any Geoffrey the Giraffe ever could.Children's Palace Was RealNov 18, 2013View
863ArticleMissMVaporman- I believe there was only one Children's Palace by us, it moved twice before closing down completely. It's so sad, because it was truly a great place. I gave my parents a great deal of grief for sure! lol And yeah, the comedian/rapper guy was a bit much. lol SegaFanatic- Yeah, I think it was important for there to have been more options. I wish there were now, but I guess all the options have moved to the Internet. Glad you enjoyed this! Trash Man- Oh my goodness, thank you for this comment! I had no idea about the origins of Children's Palace. I feel like there was a Child World at one of the nearby malls when I was little, but I vaguely recall it. I mostly just remember Children's Palace. Thank you for this comment! I had no idea. Children's Palace Was RealNov 19, 2013View