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78VideoVaporman87"And at the end, let's just throw up some images of random crap..." said the janitor pretending to be the video director. Dec 18, 2012View
81ArticleVaporman87I don't remember this game at all. Ah, the days of having to use passwords to progress through the game. How glad I am that is no longer used. Great review shakin. Thanks for that! Dec 18, 2012View
80VideoVaporman87"That's a real shame when folks be throwin' a perfectly good white boy away..."Better Off Dead TrailerDec 18, 2012View
84ArticleVaporman87Pokemon was a fad that took place long after I had graduated high school, so things of this nature did not appeal to me. About the closest thing to it during my years in school was Dungeons Article Classic: The Pok'emon FadDec 20, 2012View
85VideoVaporman87I don't recall ever eating a can of any variety. Perhaps the Ghosts got to them all first.Pac-Man PastaDec 20, 2012View
90VideoVaporman87I saw no reason to not allow them. Unless there is some law against it I'm not aware of. I hope not. LOLMarried With Children 3x11 Eatin' OutDec 26, 2012View
91VideoVaporman87Only Rockwell feels comfortable enough to shower with strange men wandering to and fro in his home.Rockwell - Somebody's Watchin MeDec 26, 2012View
94VideoVaporman87It's funny to think that, at some point in history, this was considered heavy and evil. Now, it's a cartoon. lolTwisted Sister - Were Not Gonna Take ItDec 27, 2012View
95VideoVaporman87Was extremely cool back in the day. Fun to watch and a good song. A-Ha - Take On MeDec 27, 2012View
97VideoVaporman87Popeye is a better dancer. lolDr Pepper - Be A PepperDec 28, 2012View