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Here's another children's program (sort of?) that at first, had me scratching my head. But after watching the second season the characters started to grow on me. It's a South Korean import simply called, "Larva". It's currently available on NetFlix:

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Here's another cartoon that surprised me with it's humor and entertainment value. I had heard much about fanboys love of Teen Titans. I myself was never a DC fan, so this didn't interest me in the least. Then, when Teen Titans Go! came out, I figured it was just an even crappier version of a show about crappy characters I couldn't care less about. I was wrong. Watching this show with my children, I found myself laughing hysterically. There is some genuinely good writing in this show, which makes the goofy characters grow on you.

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Rick Ace Rhodes
Vaporman87 wrote :

I caught just about all of Lost. To be honest, I think I was a little disappointed by the end of it, but I think some of that arose from the fact that there was still so much they could have done with the series to flesh out what was really going down. I feel the same way about Heroes, but they're bringing that series back, so we'll see what happens there.
-end quote

I felt what ruined Lost was the 2007-2008 WGA strike. The show was actually pretty cool and interesting before the strike occurred. Once the strike happened, really bad ideas like the time travel concept were introduced and the interesting mythos surrounding the island began to become confusing. 

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Monster Rancher

After Digimon, it looked like a third rate Pokemon but boy was I wrong! Monster Rancher holds up incredibly well and has a completely INSANE sci-fi storyline. 
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What happens when the Teen Titans, some 80's style pop music, and some 80's style sci-fi music video imagery come together? Cyborgimus Prime and a radical episode!

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i am one of the only people that liked both teen titans the action show and the comedy show.
most people only like one or the other.
my cartoon  that i liked that i didn't think i would would be totally spies 
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During this time that I have been dealing with my sister's passing, I have been watching a new show that has kept my mind from wandering.

Young Justice really surprised me by how entertaining it was. I am not a fan of DC characters for the most part, but this show is just really well done. It focuses on the younger heros (Superboy, Robin, Miss Martian, etc.) but also incorporates a lot of the Justice League and the mix is nice. The meta-narrative is also an nice touch, with each episode exposing a little more of the overall story in the midst of the immediate threats they fight against. I wish Marvel would do a show like this (or at least create new episodes of Avengers Assemble).

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I can honestly say that I grew up with Jim Henson. My first memories of him go back to 1963 and I think you guys will agree with me that Jim Henson was a man born too soon. His dreams of multi-media entertainment still has not been fully realized, even by 2016 standards.

Jim Henson's vision of what entertainment could be continued after his death as "Jim Henson Productions" introduced "Farscape" in 1999, an attempt to combine muppets, live-action and animation in a fluid fashion to give new dimensions to storytelling.

"Farscape" drew mixed results from media critics, but the show surprised me with complex storylines and unusual outcomes compared to other shows with a sci-fi theme.

My most surprised encounter was the episode, "Revenging Angel", where the lead character, Ben Browder as "Crichton"  suffers a severe head injury and hallucinates in a "Looney Tunes" style coma induced dream.

One of the most unique episode of the entire "Farscape" franchise.

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Ugh I hate Teen Titan's Go!. I would have preferred the original where the characters looked more normal and the story was at least darker/serious and far more intriguing. I don't understand why they had to change it to.. whatever that is. 

Ah well, guess it really doesn't matter anyway. They're probably just trying to cater to preteens seeing as the original audience grew up.
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