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5493ArticleMr Magic@Vapor: I couldn't chew Sugar Daddies either. WAY too tough for me!Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 09, 2021View
5492ArticleMr MagicZoot Cat was a good one. Funny and jazzy. The Christmas one was also funny and charming.My 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 09, 2021View
5491ArticleVaporman87Yeah some of these are pretty undesirable. One that I liked a great deal but just could not get enjoyment out of were Sugar Daddies. Way too chewy and hard to eat. Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 09, 2021View
5490ArticleVaporman87An awesome list. So many great episodes. My personal favorites include one where Tom finds himself heading to Heaven and then Hell and one where Jerry's relative keeps stealing Tom's whiskers.My 10 favorite Tom and Jerry shortsSep 09, 2021View
5489ArticleBionicleFan1994@Mr. Magic, I didn't include my thoughts on Harvey Birdman because I didn't want to make the article too long, but I realize that was a mistake and I should have included Harvey Birdman and Sealab 2021. Sorry.Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Sep 01, 2021View
5488ArticleMr MagicNo love for Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law?Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Sep 01, 2021View
5487ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm glad you enjoyed it, my sweet muffin ❤ yeah, as we can see one of those last signs of the company's greatness was put into wild 9 including tommy tallarico's music composition as he'd done for earthworm jim :) a demo! so impressive, my love :DWild 9: A Forgotten Shiny ClassicSep 01, 2021View
5486ArticleJulieFantastic article by the way, my sweet @Benjanime.❤❤ I remember having this gem on one of those official demo CDs that came with the PlayStation. And yeah, I played Wild 9 many times this way as it's one of the most fun games from that time. It's easy to notice that the idea for Wild 9 came from the two-dimensional experiences with the Earthworm Jim series, which by the way was a huge success for its charisma, fun, character attitude and "cell animation" technology bringing many animation frames. The idea is innovative, fun and the game is enjoyable to play. The PlayStation received many important games throughout its commercial life but luckily, those nostalgic and unforgettable games magazines of the time brought all the game releases, and Wild 9 was one of the highlights, becoming a desirable game. Once again, my congratulations for the article always filled with unique charisma, nostalgia and always very well written, captivating those who read it. ;)Wild 9: A Forgotten Shiny ClassicAug 31, 2021View
5485VideoRetroOtaku620A cartoon fox's head on a real man's body. Now that's 90s comedy, folks!Fox Kids Network "Frankenfox" bumpers (Part 3)Aug 29, 2021View
5484ArticleoniparWow, I've never heard of any of these, except maybe the Star Road one. I used to suck at video games and never really got very far in most. I can count on one hand the ones I actually beat, and a couple were only because of the Konami Code. I'd beat Lifeforce a lot, but again, only because of the code. All of my memories of special stuff were the well known things like warp zones in Mario games.Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 28, 2021View