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5482ArticleBenjanime@Julie always a pleasure to provide articles full of nostalgia, especially for you, my wondrous love of my life julie ❤Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 27, 2021View
5481ArticleJulieI get emotional whenever I read these articles full of a unique and wonderful charisma, which made me deeply fall in love with @Benjanime, my soon to be husband with whom I'm completely in love with.❤❤ Can't remember now the games that surprised me that way, but they do exist and I agree with that list. Played some of those games listed here and I do agree with the excitement and novelty that such surprises bring. Impossible not to love video games! I love you, my wondrous @Benjanime.❤❤Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 27, 2021View
5480ArticleBenjanime@Vapor nice! i have that game for my xbox one!Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 27, 2021View
5479ArticleVaporman87One of my favorite rewards for a playthrough of a game came from Guardian Heroes. Being able to play any of the unlocked NPC Characters from the story mode in an all-out battle royale of sorts was super fun. Who wouldn't want to have 15 fighters on a tiny screen going at it while you are some giant plant monster squishing them all. It was a blast.Rewarding Moments in GamingAug 27, 2021View
5478ArticleoniparNice article. It's funny, I also have nostalgia for these shows and Adult Swim, but from a very different perspective. I was 21 and in my third year of college, so these shows are all tied up with my college experience. Memories of watching them in the commons area, or having them playing in the background while we had "hush hush" dorm room parties. And then later, once I graduated, watching in my first real apartment with my roommates in between Xbox sessions. Ah, good times. Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Aug 20, 2021View
5477ArticleoniparSounds really cool. I especially like the sound of the Halloween theme. I totally missed out on this though, being a little too old at the time. I remember my brother (who is younger than me) talking about a couple of these shows, but the only one I ever saw was Courage. A Closer Look At: Cartoon Cartoon FridaysAug 20, 2021View
5476ArticleVaporman87@Mr Magic: Yeah, it was intended to act as a sequel to the film. I've never played it, so I'm not sure what happens to the gang in it.The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 17, 2021View
5475ArticleBionicleFan1994@Vaporman87, yeah I would have included my thoughts Harvey Birdman and Sealab 2021, but I didn't want to make the article too long and plus I don't know much about Sealab 2021.Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Aug 17, 2021View
5474ArticleVaporman87Of these, the only show I couldn't get into was The Brak Show. All others were pretty decent, especially Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Missing here are two other funny ones... Harvey Birdman and Sealab 2021Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Aug 17, 2021View
5473ArticleBenjanimepersonally i was more of a fan of toonami, and i only ever cared about watching the anime on adult swim's timeslot. the problem? during its early to mid 2000s years they would air their anime late at night and past midnight and i had to go out of my way to grab some vhs tapes and record them while i had my last years of school. i'm actually surprised too, it was my last time even using vhs tapes to record at all.Adult Swim: 20 Years Of An American Institution.Aug 17, 2021View