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5699ArticleJust_Esh_68'What a great entry! It was as if you were writing about my very own childhood. I think my favorite part was how you captured the innocence of the 80's; even though so many would make the claim that the decade was anything but! This was truly a favorite of mine! Summer's EndJan 11, 2023View
5698ArticleoniparGreat article. Loving mine, have had it for almost two years now.Retron 5 ReviewDec 29, 2022View
5697ArticleRetroOtaku620That's pretty cool! I think I might have to do my own review article on the RetroN 5, specifically the special edition that I got.Retron 5 ReviewDec 29, 2022View
5696ArticleSteveUrkelWelp... I gotta go find these bumpers on Youtube now. Holiday Television: Nickelodeon Christmas BlocksDec 22, 2022View
5695ArticleMr MagicI honestly don't remember that much about it. But I thought it was okay for what it was.Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedNov 13, 2022View
5694ArticleVaporman87That Simpsons set is incredible. What a variety!Fast Food Halloween: Burger King Halloween ToysOct 14, 2022View
5693ArticleVaporman87That feeling of disinterest happens eventually, but I can confidently tell you it returns to you if you have children. Maybe not in the same way, but there is a rush of excitement over trick-or-treating nonetheless.Spooky Time: Halloween MemoriesOct 14, 2022View
5692ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i love you, my honeybunches ❤️Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedOct 09, 2022View
5691ArticleBenjanime@Julie i'm glad it was still am enjoyable read fir you, my love ❤️ i love you too!Quest 64 - The Worst 3D RPG I Ever PlayedOct 09, 2022View
5690ArticleJulieI agree with you, my beloved @Benjanime❤❤, The movie is a masterpiece, I love the plot and the technical imagery aspect. And of course, the well-knows actors dubbing this gem. And I wouldn't mind having the sequel in DVD. ;) Thanks for the passionate, cute article, my sweet love @Benjanime.❤❤ I love you!❤❤Ferngully - A Cult Classic RememberedOct 08, 2022View