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5545ArticleoniparWell, this is THREE YEARS late, but thanks, Pannoni! I'll have to go find your YouTube channel. Hope you're still uploading!VHS Television Treasure HuntNov 11, 2021View
5544ArticleoniparThanks, Ben! I still have a soft spot for The Lawnmower Man. Not sure I ever saw the director's cut, and I *definitely* didn't know there was a video game! Gotta check that out. One Last ScareNov 11, 2021View
5543ArticleVaporman87New/updated Twisted Metal and Garfield games would be great. I'd also like something along those lines for Guardian Heroes.Classic games that deserve modern remakesNov 11, 2021View
5542ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic definitely see if you can find it! i think i lost all my photos i had of my own taz shirts, one of them was a redskins shirt! @Julie i'm thankful to have a girlfriend now to share my stories with, my so precious julie ❤Being a Taz Fan in the 1990sNov 11, 2021View
5541ArticleJulieYour cute passion, childlike wonder, yeah, there's no way to not like your charismatic and, why not, lovely articles, my @Benjanime.❤❤ Of course I enjoyed those Taz-Mania cartoons, but when the Sega Genesis cartridge were to be released, I got crazy to have a copy as the graphics looked detailed and accurately reproducing the cartoon and its magic. And what a hype! Taz was a popstar in the 90's.❤ The video game is amazing and I'm glad I could finish it at least one time. I do love your articles, full of childlike wonder. Priceless.❤❤Being a Taz Fan in the 1990sNov 11, 2021View
5540ArticleBenjanime@Julie i can only imagine just how amazing some updated sega saturn games would look these days, especially if they bring back the awesome Virtual On ;) thank you always for your support, my lovely julie ❤Classic games that deserve modern remakesNov 11, 2021View
5539ArticleJulieThere are so many 90's games I love and that deserve to be updated, but only if the original charisma and classic gameplay can be intact. Gems like Gunstar Heroes, the amazing Radiant Silvergun you mentioned, Chrono Trigger, among countless others. There were some of them that got a sequel but they were mediocre, like the PlayStation 2 version of Altered Beast and the newer polygonal Sonic games. Sonic Mania was an awesome exception though. Another charismatic, wonderful article to warmth our heart, bringing the best of the gaming eras, old and new. I love you, my sweet @Benjanime.❤❤Classic games that deserve modern remakesNov 11, 2021View
5538ArticleBenjanimespeaking of the lawnmower man, i had only ever known about the SNES video game adaptation through my childhood and only got to see the movie years later in my adulthood finding out what it was about. apparently some scenes were cut out to give a better run time for the film, and i'm glad i finally got to see the director's cut, but i'd be darned if i couldn't agree with all the other critics with how slow the pacing of the movie was, even with version we got on vhs and laserdisc. so interesting to see such an early transition from trick or treating to immediately watching movie marathons, i wish i was that lucky lol. great and fun read!One Last ScareNov 11, 2021View
5537ArticleMr MagicI remember playing the Taz Mania Genesis game in 1994. I also have a picture of me wearing a Taz shirt back when I was 9 or 10. I might post it someday.Being a Taz Fan in the 1990sNov 11, 2021View
5536ArticleZoeKinghere I found the most popular articles with the unique point of view . I like the way u descripe the specific things . Do u know where I could get nurse essay writing Comic Book Ads #2Nov 11, 2021View