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5463ArticleBenjanimei'm guessing with it just disappearing without a home video release that this was the case of the network having someone new in charge of management and slowly making that transition where they felt pok'emon and other anime needed to make their way into programming. sad to see ambitious projects like this fade away into obscurity, i'm sure it would have gotten more interesting by its second season.The WB’s Invasion America: An Obscure GemAug 07, 2021View
5462ArticleoniparReally great list! It's funny, many of these were games I used to play as a kid too, and strangely (even though I own them), I haven't revisited many of them in years (like Jaws and Double Dragon). Monster Party I do pop in around October every year. The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 07, 2021View
5461ArticleBenjanimei feel like the omega virus was a board game that my older brother would have liked, in his early teens he was in this phase of buying action figures of robots and aliens among having posters in his room of them as well. i'm sure if i wasn't fueled by sugar candy back then i would have joined in with playing anyway. interesting to see some other obscure oddities here as well, i would have loved the spinjas! great article!The Things We've LostAug 07, 2021View
5460Articleonipar@Vaporman, ah lost footage/pictures are always an incredible find. When you finally get to see the contents of those tapes, it will be a glorious day! I recently had a roll of film developed that I'd had since college, but the film was all but destroyed unfortunately. I have another story that fits into this category pretty well...maybe a future article. The Things We've LostAug 07, 2021View
5459ArticleBenjanimeah a fellow monster party player, nice!The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 07, 2021View
5458ArticleVaporman87What a great idea for an article! Man, there are a wealth of things I’d like to have back. I still have cassette tapes that were meant to be used with the PXL2000, a low end video camera from Fisher-Price. It was my first video camera, and the video quality was black and white and pretty terrible. The version I got came with a small black and white TV that you could connect the camera to watch your videos. If I can find one online to buy someday, I can find out what is on those tapes. It would be the first time seeing their contents in over 3 decades. Other items I wish I still had… my Radio Shack Armatron, my programmable Big Trak, and my entire collection of Stomper vehicles and playset. There are several stuffed animals I wish I still had as well.The Things We've LostAug 07, 2021View
5457ArticleVaporman87Great list you have here! A nice mix of classics, oddities, and licensed properties. The Goonies II is a title I wish I would have owned back in the day. Knowing now that it was intended as a sequel to the film makes me feel like I missed out on the further adventures of the gang. I remember bits and pieces of my time playing Blaster Master with my stepbrother. Good times. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and Double Dragon are simply unforgettable experiences. The fights in Punch-Out still give me anxiety! I would add Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Golgo-13, Bases Loaded, Metroid, and several others to my own list. I absolutely WORE OUT Bases Loaded. Loved that game. Ninja Gaiden opened my eyes to a new type of game… a cinematic style. Really look forward to what else you may have in store for us!The NES Games I Remember Playing:Part 1Aug 07, 2021View
5456Articleechidna64My friends group were predominantly collectors (I think we didn't fully understand the rules of the game). The Toys R Us held Pokemon TCG tournaments weekly. My goal was just to try to catch-em all. Later on I became a big fan of the Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy Color. That's where I truly learned the mechanics of the game. Pokemania: Pokemon Trading Card GameJul 07, 2021View
5455ArticleBenjanimeit must have been a thrill going to whatever card tournaments you could, since i wasn't into the card game for very long i never thought about going to them. though since living in virginia and knowing about a certain fellow named chris chan and hearing about his incidents in one of the areas that held their own card game tournaments, maybe it's for the best that i didn't have it on my mind lol.Pokemania: Pokemon Trading Card GameJul 06, 2021View
5454Articlerakeshhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orJSJGHjBLISitcom Characters Who Got StupidJul 05, 2021View