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71VideoFulton4VI had a few of the toys. I was a pretty big fan of the show also.Centurions IntroDec 17, 2012View
70VideoFulton4VNever could stand peewees playhouse. He just annoyed me to no end.Pee-Wee's Playhouse IntroDec 17, 2012View
69VideoVaporman87No doubt. Why does Big Red have the classic jingle, but the far tastier Juicy Fruit does not? Big Red commercialDec 17, 2012View
68VideoVaporman87I remastered the film in memory of my friend John Holsinger, who passed away a few years ago.The Lost Few (1989) - RemasteredDec 14, 2012View
67VideoVaporman87Behold the huge production values and amazing performances of The Lost Few! The first "movie" my friends and I ever made. If it hadn't been for Batman and UHF, this film might have rocked the theaters. Yup.The Lost Few (1989) - RemasteredDec 14, 2012View
66VideoVaporman87The words "negroid" and "mongoloid" sound like alien races. Weird to hear them spoken here.The Brotherhood of Man (1946)Dec 14, 2012View
65VideoVaporman87I can vividly remember the first years of satellite stations changing to the Pay TV format. It took very little time for every "good" station on satellite to go fuzzy. It really aggravated me. Save Free TVDec 14, 2012View
64VideoVaporman87I swear that one picture of a woman that appears looks EXACTLY like Reese Witherspoon. Drive-in welcomeDec 14, 2012View
63Articleshakin steakOh, I have awful pictures as well, trust me. I only wore sweatpants and t-shirts for years.I totally missed out!Dec 14, 2012View
62VideoVaporman87Ahhh... so the good stuff then. :)TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 14, 2012View