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753vhsCoverarizvegaWow that's Cool!THE-MAN-OF-BRONZE-DOC-SAVAGEAug 05, 2013View
1538vhsCoverSegaFanaticI had this really weird copy of this movie, it was like Godzilla's shadow casted upon a building, but he looked like a T-Rex? I wish I could find art of it, good upload!GODZILLA-VS-MEGALONNov 29, 2014View
1973vhsCoverVaporman87I love your description of this one. LOL. I didn't even realize Chuck Norris HAD a son... let alone did I know he tried his hand at acting. This looks amazingly hilarious. Perhaps we should skewer this one in the Theater some time.Survival GameFeb 12, 2015View
1980vhsCoverjkatzActually I didn't write the descriptions for most of these.. I just scoured IMDB for lines from reviews that I liked. As for showing it in the theater, it's true that there's not a lot of action scenes, but there are plenty of cheesy laugh out loud moments!Survival GameFeb 12, 2015View
2135vhsCoverVaporman87Yeah. Godzilla. That went nowhere fast. GodzillaMar 22, 2015View
2246vhsCoverjkatzI've actually seen this one...oy vey, what a stinker!ASSASSINATIONMay 07, 2015View
2247vhsCoverVaporman87Cannon pretty much acted as life support for Bronson's career. ASSASSINATIONMay 07, 2015View
2290vhsCoverNinjor1This image made my day! I owned the exact version of this tape (Dutch subtitles) when I was a kid. I would give an arm and leg to own it once again. Please contact me should you be willing to sell it! keyaertf@hotmail.comDEADLY-DUOMay 28, 2015View
2291vhsCoverVaporman87Thanks Ninjor. The actual tapes are not owned by me. This particular image was submitted by a user over at VHS Wasteland (and displayed here with permission of VHS Wasteland).DEADLY-DUOMay 28, 2015View
2333vhsCoverBuddyBoy600altYes, Disney's Marsupilami is awesome!Marsupilami-Marsuper-DuperJun 28, 2015View