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5566ArticleVaporman87That sucks. I hate seeing/hearing about the state of most malls these days. There are a few bright spots here and there... actually most malls I've visited in West Virginia are doing well (Barboursville/Huntington Mall, Parkersburg Mall, Beckley area mall). The mall I'm most familiar with from my youth (Parkersburg) recently added a whole new section for Ross, Petland, and some other anchor-type stores.Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5565ArticlesquidbeeI live in an area that saw an explosion of malls during the 80s and 90s. Recent years have seen many of them closing down, being bought out, or demolished. My mall was one that was bought out, and from what I hear, it is still not doing very well. I last visited prior to the buy-out, and there were cellphone repair kiosks and cheap clothing stores everywhere. The anchor stores were either all gone or in the process of running a clearance sale.Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5564ArticleVaporman87I whole-heartedly agree. That is awesome though that the place is still kicking. I'm kind of in the reverse situation in that the mall I most frequented is actually thriving. Then again, it's in West Virginia, so they're like 20 years behind the curve, LOL. Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5563Articlesquidbee@Benjanime Video games and comic books have always been my biggest addictions. Ever since my mom bought me an Atari 2600 for Christmas one year, I have been hooked. Plus, I was indoctrinated by Nintendo all through my youth with games, comics, cartoons, and cereal. Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5562ArticlesquidbeeI hate seeing my old haunts closing down, so I feel you Vaporman87. For example, I love Dead Mall videos, but it hits me right in the feels whenever someone posts about my local mall. A place where I hung out and worked for many years. It looks like the skating rink from my youth is still open. I am honestly shocked because back in the 80s it looked to be on its last legs. Skating lessons are only 5 bucks. Maybe I should look into it. lol Skating Through The YearsDec 07, 2021View
5561ArticleBenjanimei think in my opinion the only two good gundam shows on toonami were g-gundam and gundam wing, not too much filler like gundam seed. at least coming from memory, that's how they were to me, i might have to watch them again.TDitH's Non-traditional Christmas Movies 2: Going JapaneseDec 06, 2021View
5560ArticleBenjanimeI can't skate for crap tbh, even roller blading was a joke for me, but hey, that's what happens when I have a video game addiction as a kid I guess lol.Skating Through The YearsDec 06, 2021View
5559ArticleVaporman87I should mention that our skating rink did NOT have a DJ. The owner just played records through the speakers. She would swap them out behind the counter as she collected entry fees.Skating Through The YearsDec 06, 2021View
5557ArticleVaporman87Ha! Here I was expecting an ending where you go through some type of "Karate Kid" montage and become a skating legend in your area. Let me state for the record... I loved the skating rink. For a number of years it was my mecca on the weekends. I lived in a small neighborhood of houses along a hillside in the middle of nowhere. I still live in the middle of nowhere, but hey... I like nowhere. At the bottom of that hill, really looking out of place along a state road, was the Skate-A-Way. I walked down my hill to that place nearly every Friday or Saturday night (sometimes both) with my metal case containing my skates. I have years worth of memories made there. Birthday parties, couple skating with the girl behind the food counter, my sister breaking her arm, competing in ruthless competitions... particularly the limbo, munching on mediocre hot dogs, and trying desperately to earn the high score in Galaga for the night. I loved that place. Now... it has been converted to office space for a construction company. Sad. Skating Through The YearsDec 06, 2021View
5556ArticleBenjanime@squidbee In my opinion it's a lot better than the SNES game.Being a Taz Fan in the 1990sNov 29, 2021View