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5719ArticleBenjanimeIt's unfortunate that the older arcade games at my local arcade eventually got put into the far back as the years went by, it was like a sign that they were eventually going to be replaced one way or another and it saddened me because I had so many memories as a kid playing them. I mostly got to play The Simpsons game for whatever days my parents had taking interest in going out to the mall to walk around. But of course I didn't have enough quarters to make it to Mr. Burns.PatManQC: Video Game HistorianAug 10, 2023View
5718ArticleRetroOtaku620I used to have a toy for a line of Hamtaro Halloween toys from Burger King. It was for the character, Boss, who was dressed up as an alien and it was a top.Fast Food Halloween: Burger King Halloween ToysJul 29, 2023View
5717Articleechidna64Jake Lloyd did the best he could but they should have cast an actor closer to Natalie Portman's age. In my opinion, The Phantom Menace has much bigger issues than the performances of LLoyd and Best (Ja r Jar). Jake Lloyd: A Frustrating Road To StardomJul 16, 2023View
5716Articlecomic_book_fanI love fox kids best cartoon block ever eek was a better version of SpongeBob in a lot of ways 5 Fox Kids shows I want to see on Disney PlusJul 09, 2023View
5715ArticleGame JoyI totally agree with you, little brother! While average brains choose to hate Jake Lloyd, I'm proud of being superior in heart and brain, choosing to hate the haters instead! They destroyed a career of a CHILD!! It is a moral problem from the average, or better, haters! They are the ones having serious moral, psychological problems! And I don't need them to "feel included" or whatever, they're hateful people, losers!! If they're able to give their worse to a CHILD, they deserve MY worse!!! Well, I watched the movie three times and honestly, I didn't find it bad. What I felt watching the movie was as the beginning of a book, for example, when we barely know the characters and story. So, in my point of view, the movie is good. Thanks for exposing it all, little brother, with your charisma and attention: you are amazing!! Jake Lloyd: A Frustrating Road To StardomJul 08, 2023View
5714ArticleRetroOtaku620I agree 100%. I'm also surprised House of Mouse and Fillmore aren't on the streaming service yet, either.7 Kids Video Series I want to see Get Added to Disney PlusJul 05, 2023View
5713ArticleBenjanimeI think it's criminal that Dave the Barbarian still isn't on there.7 Kids Video Series I want to see Get Added to Disney PlusJun 30, 2023View
5712ArticleRetroOtaku620Yeah, the Big Guy and Rusty should have been on this list.Rarely Remembered Animated ShowsMay 10, 2023View
5711VideoBenjanimeAs memorable as this movie can be to some with all its gore, I do hate how there was a scene made to look like animal cruelty, even if it wasn't real.The Toxic Avenger TrailerMay 07, 2023View
5710ArticleBenjanimeumm... i actually remember family dog quite well. even the bargain bin super nintendo game. as for the PJs, it's been on the tubi app for quite a long time.Rarely Remembered Animated ShowsMar 15, 2023View