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5752ArticleRetroOtaku620I actually like apples, so I wouldn't mind getting one in my trick or treat bag. But yeah, I didn't like candy sticks either. I know I ate them a lot when I was younger, but I definitely wouldn't want them now. I definitely wouldn't want a toothbrush as a treat, even if it would be Halloween themed. I probably wouldn't mind a coupon book as a kid, though I suppose it would depends on what the coupons are for.Top 5 Best and Worst things to get in...Sep 30, 2023View
5750ArticleRetroOtaku620Can I also please share this article with the host of the Weird Darkness podcast? This is the kind of story he would read on his podcast. Again, it would be a great way to promote this site.The Real GooniesSep 27, 2023View
5749ArticleRetroOtaku620You don't mind if I share this with the host of a certain podcast, would you? Think of it as a nice way to promote this site. The podcast is called Weird Darkness, by the way.Childhood FearsSep 26, 2023View
5747ArticleMr MagicThe 11 year-old me used to think Summer was attractive. And what guy didn't adore Kelly Kapowski?My Top Five 90's CrushesSep 24, 2023View
5746ArticleBenjanime@Mr Magic Yep, apparently the same writers of the Deadpool movie were involved with the show and had no general knowledge of the game characters, so yeah, basically Sweet Tooth became a joke.The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 20, 2023View
5745ArticleMr Magic@Ben: Wait, wait wait! Sweet Tooth's twerks in the TM show?! Was going to watch, but after learning about that...The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 20, 2023View
5744ArticleBenjanime@RetroOtaku That only counts as a cameo though, not as a new installment. Rare said that they have no intention of making a new game because there's not enough fan demand for it.Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 18, 2023View
5743ArticleMr MagicInteresting fact, Flix. :)Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 18, 2023View
5742ArticleRetroOtaku620I have seen all of these movies, but out of all of them, I love Cats Don't Dance the most. I even have most of these on either VHS or DVD.Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 18, 2023View
5741ArticleRetroOtaku620You didn't even mention that Banjo and Kazooie became a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Other than that, that was a good article.Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 18, 2023View