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5515ArticleBenjanimei actually didn't catch much of this show on TV airings, but i did watch various VHS tapes from my school classroom around 1996-1997, in total i think we all watched at least three of them throughout the school year, and it was the only time we saw them. i highly doubt we'll ever get a show like this ever again for a modern generation, though i don't count the netflix follow up.Edutainment Station: The Magic School BusOct 03, 2021View
5514ArticleBenjanimeeven with abc family's dopey modern namechange i still think it was a good idea to have it start earlier. granted i don't really watch TV all that much anymore in general, but i will say that if i grow tired of seeing repeats that i'll just put in one of the movies i own instead.A Closer Look At: The 13 Days of HalloweenOct 03, 2021View
5513VideoCaps 2.0I know that's the poster for Hero At Large. My fingers were a little too fast, and I clicked on the wrong image. I know how to upload now, but I don't know how to edit after an upload.Hiding OutOct 01, 2021View
5512ArticleBenjanime@Julie and i love you, my wondrous gem, thanks for reading ❤The Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodSep 30, 2021View
5511ArticleJulieHope you found nice kids to play with. You are a golden boy who deserves to be happy and have the best friendships. I love you so much, my sweet @Benjanime.❤❤The Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodSep 30, 2021View
5510ArticleoniparOuch, harsh! :-p I agree on the Circus Peanuts for sure. Those Peanut Butter Kisses are pretty bad too, but I'd still eat them in a pinch. Milk Duds are definitely too hard and sticky, and yet they were such a staple in my treat bag every year that it just wouldn't be Halloween without a couple of those little boxes rattling around. Pixies Sticks are fine for straight-up sugar powder. Not the first thing I'd reach for, but also not something I'd trade away. Almond Joys and York however... those I straight up LOVE! Nice list here. Getting me excited for Halloween. Halloween Candies That Haunted MeSep 24, 2021View
5509ArticleoniparNever did see Under Wraps, and Little Monsters isn't a Halloween one for me, but the others are all on my list. Great suggestions all around! 5 Retro Movies You Should Watch For HalloweenSep 24, 2021View
5508ArticleRetroOtaku620That looks awesome! Makes me wish I was born in the 80s so I could play with that.Mad Scientist: A Great Forgotten 80s ToylineSep 22, 2021View
5506ArticleHsering77Good article. Monster Squad is one of my favorites5 Retro Movies You Should Watch For HalloweenSep 21, 2021View
5505ArticleSteveUrkelUNDER WRAPS REBOOT?? How did I not know this?! And how am I 40, yet still care so much?!5 Retro Movies You Should Watch For HalloweenSep 21, 2021View