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5739ArticleBenjanimeSeeing all the comments here it saddens me that most of these users weren't even on this site for very long. I thought we'd see them fully make their home here. I suppose personal life things take more interest than coming back to a nostalgia site after so many years.Remembering RetroJunkSep 10, 2023View
5738Articleechidna64I remember Sparkster the opposum from Rocket Knight Adventures was Konami's mascot for a time. Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 06, 2023View
5737ArticleFlixtheCatJr@Mr Magic Yep. Iron Giant didn't do well at all. It wasn't until it was shown a ton of times on the Cartoon Network where it built a huge fan base and earned its place as an animated classic. Cartoon Network airing it on a constant loop every year on the holidays helped it big time. Hell I must have watched it at least three times in a row, lol.Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 05, 2023View
5736ArticleRetroOtaku620I love watching both eyewitness and amazing animals as a kid. I really wish I owned at least one video tape for each of those shows as a kid. Heck, I wish I owned some video tapes of those shows now!Long Lost 90's: EyewitnessSep 03, 2023View
5735ArticleRetroOtaku620Personally, I liked Goosebumps better than Are You Afraid of the Dark. The latter was a bit too scary for me at the time. Also, I liked it when Goosebumps aired on Cartoon Network at one point. It was a good thing to watch Halloween. One more thing: I don't know if you know about this already or not, but there's going to be a Goosebumps reboot on Disney Plus this year, I think.90's Vs: Goosebumps vs Are You Afraid of the DarkSep 03, 2023View
5734ArticleRetroOtaku620Personally, I like both Beakman's World and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I've grew up watching both shows, so I can't really choose between them.90's Vs: Bill Nye the Science Guy vs...Sep 03, 2023View
5733ArticleMr MagicBalto and Iron Giant were Box Office flops?! Well, I guess just because a movie is popular, it doesn't mean it's going to gain a whole lotta money.Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 02, 2023View
5732ArticleMr MagicOh, yeah. Can't forget Boogerman.Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 02, 2023View
5731ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman I mainly didn't include Gex because of a supposed Gex collection coming soon on modern platforms thanks to Limited Run games ;) @Game Joy You never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of other mascots, big brother :D thanks for reading!Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 02, 2023View
5730ArticleGame JoyThat’s a good list to start with, little brother, but we know, there are many other forgotten mascots out there, mainly from Sega. It’s really a pity because I miss them all, except Boogerman Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 02, 2023View