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5729ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman I guess because it didn't do well at the box office, Cats Don't Dance was also able to air on the Disney Channel, air dates went from 1998 to 2001 there. It's just so mindblowing though seeing a movie from a competing film company airing on that channel. @Game Joy And I thank you for reading, big brother :)Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 02, 2023View
5728ArticleBenjanime@Vaporman Yeah, with that show out I figured it was a good time to give my own retrospective of the games. Sucks that the series will be known now for a twerking Sweet Tooth.... @Game Joy My inspiration to write anything I can on here ;) thanks for reading, big brother :)The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 02, 2023View
5727ArticleGame JoyI remember them! And I completely agree with you, my so charismatic, all special little brother! Those movies are underrated gems of beauty and magic! Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 02, 2023View
5726ArticleGame JoyMy little brother’s charisma and passion for interactive media. The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 02, 2023View
5725ArticleVaporman87Another great list Ben. You can tell that Aero The Acro-Bat was trying SO hard to catch on and ride that mascot wave alongside the greats. But there was just something missing. Glad you didn't include Gex in this list. I still think if that character had been a part of a better game, he could have been far more popular.Washed Up Video Game MascotsSep 02, 2023View
5724ArticleVaporman87I'm not ashamed to admit I too thought Summer Sanders was on the attractive side. She just kind of dropped off the face of the Earth though. My Top Five 90's CrushesSep 02, 2023View
5723ArticleVaporman87This is a great list. I've never even heard of Cats Can't Dance. Iron Giant, however, eventually gained the following it should have had to begin with. I'm glad it finally started to be appreciated by a larger audience.Animated Box Office Flops That I EnjoyedSep 02, 2023View
5722ArticleVaporman87Twisted Metal was a great game. The new TV show however...The Vehicular Carnage of Twisted MetalSep 02, 2023View
5721ArticleVaporman87I wouldn't mind trying out some of those Pac Dots and washing them down with two ingredient Ecto Cooler. Yum.Nostalgic Munchies 2: Electric BoogalooSep 02, 2023View
5720ArticleBenjanimeI recall hearing these same songs a little too much during my time in early grade school, not to say that I didn't like listening to them anymore, I guess they were just a bit too overplayed for my liking. I think one day I'll make my own Disney song listing.Disney 100: 5 of my Favorite Disney SongsAug 10, 2023View