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5536ArticleZoeKinghere I found the most popular articles with the unique point of view . I like the way u descripe the specific things . Do u know where I could get nurse essay writing https://essays-service.com/high-quality-nursing-essay-writing.htmlRetro Comic Book Ads #2Nov 11, 2021View
5535ArticleoniparWonderful article. My area is very much like this as well. I'm actually planning on going out to "the mountain" tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee to enjoy the leaves, weather, and solitude. Echos of the past: A Northern AutumnOct 23, 2021View
5534ArticleMr MagicAutumn sounds heavenly in that northern town, TDITH.Echos of the past: A Northern AutumnOct 21, 2021View
5533ArticleBenjanimei honestly miss serene days such as this, being able to actually step outside and not have to deal with the noise that goes on at home, just the feeling of air and those jacket wearing temperatures while you can think to yourself in peace.Echos of the past: A Northern AutumnOct 21, 2021View
5532ArticleBenjanime@onipar oh awesome! always a nice treat to get a game console as a gift :) i can't even remember how i got my genesis really, possibly coming from my older sister's allowance, or just my stepdad buying it but i was a toddler at the time so who knows lol. thanks for reading!The NES and Sega Genesis Console WarOct 19, 2021View
5531ArticleoniparNice article! Don't know how I missed this one. I had the NES and then the Genesis too. Were always late adopters, so by time I was choosing, it was between the Genesis and the SNES. For whatever reason, the Genesis really captured my attention and that was the one I begged for, finally getting it as a graduation present from elementary school. I never did own my own SNES as a kid (got one as an adult when I started collecting), but my neighbor had one, so I got to experience a little of the main games at least. The NES and Sega Genesis Console WarOct 19, 2021View
5530Articleonipar@Ben, oh yeah, this was circa 1992-1993 when I had the bus pass. I was 12-13, right before I moved to PA. I actually still have the bus passes in my old wallet from those years, because yeah...I save everything. :-pThe Mystery of the Second NeighborhoodOct 18, 2021View
5529Articleonipar@Vaporman, Never been to a Hills, sounds perfect! @Beb, thanks! HA, yeah, the smell of a drugstore was pretty unique. Yeah, there was just something special about the smaller drugstores and the type of stuff they'd carry. Around Christmas too. The Halloween SuperstoreOct 18, 2021View
5528ArticleBenjanimei would give anything to be able to walk around stores like this again, even the smell of the store itself can just give a wave of nostalgia, that is if a clerk isn't given the freedom of not needing to use a deodorant stick lol. so many great memories just looking at the photos, i really miss it. i recall going out with my older brother a couple of times on small walks with him to stores like these at least a few years before he decided to move away. great article!The Halloween SuperstoreOct 17, 2021View
5527ArticleVaporman87Hills typically served as my one stop Halloween shop, though I know I picked up more than a few novelties for the season in drug and convenience stores. The Halloween SuperstoreOct 17, 2021View